Link Crew Impact

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Link Crew is a class and has been part of Timberland for about nine years. 

Link crew is  designed to help freshmen get acclimated to high school their first year, according to Link Crew teacher April Smith,

“They’ve helped me with classes,” freshman Kira Johnson said.

According to the Wentzville School District website, Link leaders make weekly contact during academic intervention with every freshman.

“The Link leaders have impacted me because they got me more involved in spirit days,” freshman Lucy Lowry said. 

Link crew’s impact on Timberland is an increase in school spirit through Link Leaders and especially through freshmen participating, according to Smith. 

Freshman John Rosas went to the Monster Bash and the tailgate for the first game of football game, both sponsored by Link. 

“Link Crew has taught me how to be more responsible, and it has made me become a truer version of myself,” senior Leah Wall said.

“A group of usually eight to 10 freshmen and over the summer the Link leaders go through training and then we have orientation day with hopefully 85% of the incoming freshman class,” Smith said.

Through the school year, the freshman are in AI classes with their link leaders to help keep them informed on all things THS. The leaders also try to build connections with their students, Smith said.