COVID Induced Learning Gap

Aiden Bruer, Reporter

Timberland, like many other high schools throughout the country, has had challenges in teaching throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Research shows that in many places a ‘learning gap’ emerged over the last 19 months.  

“It was very stressful, because whenever I had questions over virtual it was hard to ask them,” junior Gabriel Marshall said.

It was hard to communicate with students last year and help all at the same time while they cook,  according to culinary arts teacher Teresa Durbala. 

“This year I’m able to ask a lot more questions and understand the lessons better,” Marshall said

In culinary arts, we were able to help more students this year according to Durbala.

“I had a hard time learning last year, so it dropped my grade down a lot,” Marshall said.

Students on average could lose five to nine months of learning by the end of June 2021 according to

“Covid has made me overall a better studier and use my time more wisely, ” junior Kevin Byington said.