Kamden Hill: A Student Spotlight

Aiden Bruer, Writer

Senior Kamden Hill is an accomplished student.

He is the student council president and the student body president, as well as a participant in numerous other clubs, including BSU and YAG, where he recently served as speaker of the house.

“What motivates me the most is probably thinking about the future. I’m a very goal-oriented person,” Hill said

Hill also participates in NHS and track and field.

“[In the future], I plan to run at the local level first, then move my way up to the state level and federal level,” Hill said.

“I look up to my mom the most. She is amazing; she’s guided me to be the person I am today,” Hill said.

According to senior Nora Pryor, everyone should be friends with Hill, because he is an amazing friend.

“He’s a really nice person; he’s really hilarious and fun to be around. One time I made a Quizlet for a test in class, and he called me a girl boss, and that made me feel really happy,” Pryor said.

Hill will be attending Princeton University next fall.

“Kamden is a good friend. He’s someone you can look up to and know you can count on, and he’s a genuine guy. [He is] also awesome at helping everyone,” senior Sebastian Delgato said.