Timberland Delegation Describes What YAG Really Is…

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter and Anchor

Youth and Governemnt, YAG, is a YMCA run program and a club at THS. But for many, it is more than that. Participants at Timberland say it is more than a club. It is a passion for politics.

“YAG has given me the confidence to stand up and be true to myself,” senior Lucas Lowry said.

In YAG, students write bills, debate, practice public speaking and meet new people. At THS, the club starts to prepare for the three day  conference in Jefferson City in late August to early September.

This year, three THS students held presiding officer positions at the conference: Lowry was the 2021 Youth Governor, senior Nora Pryor the 2021 Youth Lieutenant Governor, senior Kamden Hill the 2021 Youth Speaker of the House and junior Addie Plumb the Youth Media Director.

“I was so excited to serve as this year’s governor,” Lowry said.

The program includes a Legislative branch, a Judicial branch, and a Media Department. The conference took place December 2 to 4.

The YMCA also offers National Conferences for those who have thoroughly enjoyed YAG which entails CONA (Conference on National Affairs), YGA (Youth Governor’s Association), and Youth Advocacy Days. For more information, check out the Missouri Youth and Government website.