PSA: Staying Active During Winter

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

Winter began on December 21. Oftentimes, when the cold temperatures increase, exercise declines. 

In a survey taken by students and staff at Timberland, 97 out of 130 said they exercised frequently during warmer weather out of  Although in cold weather, those who regularly exercised decreased by 38%. 

Depression, weight gain and lowered self-esteem can result from lack of exercise. These also often increase during winter weather, according to Modern Health. This may be attributed to the lack of sun exposure, which decreases vitamin D, and cold temperatures make staying in to do nothing all the more tempting. 

In order to beat the winter slump, consider these tips:

Tip One: Set Your Alarm earlier

Waking up early and starting your day right scientifically jump-starts your motor functions and allows you to increase exercise, so instead of hitting snooze get up, according to joe

Tip Two: Schedule Workouts 

Try to set aside time to workout in your daily routine and make time for increased exercise. For instance, take the stairs rather than the elevator. Keeping your endurance and heart rate up increases metabolism and keeps you warm, according to

Tip Three: Exercise with Others 

Try inviting others to join you when you exercise. It can be as simple as going to the gym with your friends, or more fun activities like bowling, ice skating and dancing. You may find it easier to stay motivated if you have someone by your side.