Impact ACT Prep Has On Timberland

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

 The ACT is a standardized test used across the country by many colleges and universities to determine scholarships and sometimes admissions. 

Overall, the point of the Act is to help students understand where they stand across the country with other peers. 

“After they take the ACT prep program, we see students have a 3 to 4 point bump they’ve seen some kids not go up at all they’ve also seen kids go up as much as 8 to 9 points they’ve also seen in some subjects specifically go up as high as 12 points. We’ve seen on average a three to four point bump,” assistant principal Jason Theodorakos said. 

According to junior Elena Jones, her ACT score went up four points.

“ACT prep can help with the timing, it can give you an idea of what kind of questions are going to be on the test and it can reduce some of the anxiety you might have taking the test,” counselor Stacey Nielsen said. 

Senior Grace Henman took the ACT Prep two times and said taking the ACT prep helped her get in the right mindset and also helped her feel more comfortable with the material she would be seeing and the format. 

“It helped me learn a few new things especially in the English section that she didn’t know before,” junior Elena Jones said. 

The kids that prepare for the ACT and are at all the classes put the time in they have a big boost, Theodorakos said.