A Collective Goal: Timberland Varsity Boys Basketball

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter

The Timberland Boys Varsity basketball team has been on-the-go since their first game of the season  December 7, 2021. 

Coach Kyle DeWeese said the boys are hard at work- ready to achieve some end-of-season goals.

“Our biggest goal as a team is just to go out there and win. There’s big things we want to attend like districts, and we can’t do that until we come together as a team and win, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else,” Deweese said. 

December 4, the team finished first in the Winfield tournament and junior AJ Rains said he anticipates more fun to come. 

“The team helps each other reach our goals, because we always have fun together, and that’s what I love about the dynamic of the team. We’re all friends and all here to be competitive, win, and have a good time,” Rains said. 

Another aspect of the team that helps the boys achieve their goals is the team manager, junior Kaylee Timmons. The basketball team manager helps with drills, water, and other managerial opportunities according to DeWeese

The Boy’s Varsity basketball team has a ton of stats available to view. The next upcoming game is January 25 at 7p.m. versus Francis Howell Central.