Special Rock Available for Viewing

Sam Kirby, Reporter

Custodian John Mathews found a large rock in his backyard in 2002 and became curious as to what it was. This rock now resides in science teacher Gaddy Bergmann’s room. 

“I am a rock person. I cannot go hiking or anything because I will bring home many different rocks I find,” Mathews said. 

Mathews eventually took this rock into Washington University in St Louis for analysis. They discovered that the rock is hematite, a common stone on earth, and also a type of rock found on Mars in 1998. 

“I brought the rock here because… I thought students who enjoy geology may like this rock,” Mathews siad.

According to Bernadine.com, hematite comes in many different forms. The color can range from steel black to a brownish red. Hematite is also harder than pure iron, but much more brittle. 

To see the rock, stop by room 225.