BSU: An Impactful Club

The Black Student Union is in its third year at THS.

Kaylie Lineback, Reporter & Editor

The Black Student Union is a club at Timberland High School that empowers students to converse over diverse topics and social issues in today’s world. The club is open to everyone and it is encouraged that all students are welcome if interested.

“The Black Student Union aims to offer the community opportunities for both cultural enrichment and intellectual growth through educational, social, and political programming,” according to the Brown BSU website.  

Business teacher Warren Honore is one of the sponsors of BSU and senior Raquel Blanton is the President.

This is the club’s third year running and on average the club has 8-15 attendees. The club meets every other Thursday for an hour and a half.

Right now, the club is working on Black History Month events as well as planning another trip for the month. 

Some fun things the club contributes to is collaborating with other clubs, designing and ordering their very own t-shirts, creating a theme each year (this year’s theme is 90’s), and planning a special senior day at the end of the year.

“Our main goal is to make our community better by bringing awareness to social justice issues,” Blanton said.