Timberland Favorite Romantic Comedies

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

In a survey taken of 103 students and staff at Timberland, 8.7%  answered saying romantic comedies were their favorite genre. 

 “My favorite romantic comedy is anything with Vince Vaughn in it. I really liked ‘Four Christmases’,” senior Andrew Stapf said. 

English Teacher Corinne Drozkowski said romantic comedies usually follow the same formula: a story that consists of two individuals experiencing a meet cute. Then, they have to overcome some sort of miscommunication or problem that causes protagonists to break up or part ways, before the resolution.

“My favorite rom-com would have to beTo All the Boys I Loved Before,’ because I read the books, and I liked to see the live-action version,” senior Lainey Busatari said. 

The comedy element of a rom-com comes in with the upbeat tone and humor, highlighted by bright lighting and a soundtrack consisting of famous love songs from past and present, Drozkowski said.

“My favorite rom com is ‘13 Going on 30,’ because it’s cute, and I love the music,” senior Jessica Willcox said. 

An upcoming romantic comedy, “Marry Me,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson,  releases in theaters February 12.