The Importance of Art Classes at THS

Aiden Bruer

Why is art important?

Art can be an escape for some people where you get to express your creativity and thoughts. Art is important because it works on collaboration and gives you a chance to talk to other students, according to art teacher Crystal Wing, and several art students.

“I feel like art is important, because it lets you express your creativity. Art brings out my creative side, and I get to show my thoughts and feelings through different mediums,” sophomore Luke Ferrel said.

 Art can also be an escape for some people allowing them to express their creativity and thoughts through the creation of an artistic piece. 

“Art has really helped me express what I think sometimes and has helped me become more creative,” Ferrel said.

To take any of the art classes, students must pass art fundamentals first.  The 12 semester-long art classes available for fine arts credits are art fundamentals, drawing, painting, sculpture I, sculpture II, Ceramics I, ceramics II, digital photography, graphic design I, graphic design II, AP art history, advanced studio art and AP studio art. 

“Once a student finishes art fundamentals, they will find what you like best and what art class you might want to take,” Wing said.

There are three art teachers at THS: Wing, Greg Holland and Brandy Coats.

“Once we started actually getting to the art, I felt freer to show what I could do in class,” junior Gabriel Marshall said. 

In addition to art classes, art club meets every Tuesday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Wing’s room, 214.