Funniest Teachers at THS

Sam Kirby, Reporter

In a survey taken of 93 students, 29 teachers were nominated as the funniest teacher at THS. 

“I think Mr Hult is the funniest teacher at THS because he does the most random things, such as juggling in the middle of class, doing a backflip, or rolling around on his skateboard. It is really entertaining,” junior Liv Nash said. 

According to, scholars are recommending that teachers start to incorporate humor into their lesson plans to help students learn better. 

“I think Mr. Brown, the math teacher, is the funniest teacher, because he makes sick jokes,” senior Carson Nuernberger said.

Other traits that students said they enjoy in a teacher include the teacher telling interesting stories, being able to relate to students and providing a positive environment in the classroom. 

“I think Mrs. Kiefer is [the funniest], because when I moved to this school is when she moved to this school and we have a connection,” junior Ian Vining said. 

According to, even though humor in the classroom is highly recommended, there are cons to humor as well such as students’ relationships with future instructors, opinions on the class based on the teacher, and distractions away from schoolwork. 

“I think it is Mr. Winklemann, because he tells jokes and is always upbeat and happy,” senior Carlie Lamparter said. 

According to, funny teachers tend to be more successful than those who are more serious. 

Spanish teacher Peter Hult had the most votes for the funniest teacher, so if you want a good laugh, head to room 278.