Ping Pong Club

Aiden Bruer

Ping pong club is back at THS.

Teacher Isaiah Winkelmann has been the Ping Pong club sponsor for the past two years and plans to be the club sponsor next year.

“I sponsor a ping pong club, because I really get to know the kids and it’s something to do outside of football season,” Winkelmann said.

Many ping pong club members said they joined to get better at the sport.

“I joined a ping pong club, because a lot of my friends are in it and I play in my free time. It’s important to me, because it’s fun to play… My goal is to win the next tournament,” sophomore Reed Corrigan said.

At their first tournament, held between the club members, senior Lance Hoffman was the winner.

“I joined to kick the competition away. My goal is to win the next tournament,” sophomore Jaxon Curry said.

The ping pong club started with 55 members several years ago, but has dwindled to 20 to 30 members. Winkelman said his goal is to grow the club and get as many students as possible.

Currently, ping pong club meetings once a week or once every two weeks. They plan to have a tournament once a month. For more information, visit the ping pong club’s Twitter.