Ending the Year Right: A PSA

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

Has it been rough coming back to school after spring break? Are you wondering why summer break isn’t here yet? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

The end of the year slump occurs when students become weary of school, causing students to get behind on schoolwork, miss deadlines and have a decrease in positivity and productivity at school, according to studyusatoday.com

Counselor Stacey Nielsen said she has seen several students lose honors and potential scholarships for college because they slacked off towards the end of the year, but that the students who stayed motivated and maintained a positive attitude, ended the year right. 

To help get your groove back into school, consider following these tips:

Tip One: Get Involved

Joining a club or sport may help boost one’s mood by socializing and actively participating in school. Students can choose what they’re interested in and re-joining may help reinvigorate their attitude for the remainder of school by socializing and participating in something they love. The activities website shows the variety of club options available. 

Tip Two: Set Aside a Work Day

Life can get busy, making students get behind on work. So set aside a designated time to study with your friends and catch up or organize schoolwork. Finals and AP Exams are drawing near and catch-up days can help one reset and prepare for important tests ahead. 

Tip Three: Reach Out

If you find yourself struggling towards the end of the year, it is important to reach out. Talk to friends and family or visit your counselor in room 150. Communicating your feelings and talking out a plan can help set things into perspective, and can help end the year right.