Yearbook at THS

Sam Kirby, Reporter

Since it opened in 2002, the school yearbook staff has published a yearbook. That makes this year the 20th anniversary of the Wolf Tracks yearbook. 

“I love teaching yearbook, because of all of the creativity that you get to see students express. It is so much fun to see how the school is seen through the student’s eyes, and I think everybody [could benefit from] joining yearbook,” journalism teacher Ida Hoffmann said. 

Yearbook students design the cover, the pages, take almost all of the pictures, write all the captions, get the stories and do all the interviews.

“The best part about being in yearbook is probably taking the pictures at sporting events,” senior Sophie Schulz said. 

There are currently six students in the yearbook class responsible for covering over 1,800 students’ stories. This year’s co-editors-in-chief are seniors Claire Leonard and Kayla Davito, who manage the operations of and have the final say of what is in the yearbook. 

“The hardest part about creating the yearbook this year is that we have 6 students to create a 260 page book… It’s just a really small student ratio to a students needing to be covered ratio,” Hoffmann said. 

This year’s yearbook theme is “Takin’ it Back.” Yearbooks are on sale right now for $65 at using school code 08123.