Senior Memories at THS

Sam Kirby, Reporter

During four years of high school, there are many memories made. These are some senior’s favorite memories from THS. 

“My favorite high school memories were after each performance for theater, because we would have cast parties which were pretty fun,” senior Mikah Beck said.

Out of a survey of 68 people, the majority said that their favorite year of high school was senior year, followed by sophomore year. 

“My favorite high school memory was  being in Mr. Winklemann’s classroom my junior year; it was a fun class, and he was my favorite teacher,” senior Matt Murray said. 

Based on the same survey, many seniors indicated that their favorite high school memories came from school-sponsored experiences, such as prom, homecoming, football games and other student-life activities.

According to TheConversation, people reminisce about high school because of how different life is after we graduate. 

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