Block Schedueling For Next School Year

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Next year, the schedule is going to look a little bit different. On Wednesday and Thursday, there will be block scheduling for Den Time and Pack Time with Den Time occurring daily.

“The purpose for Block Scheduling was to change it up. We needed to have more interventions in place for students. We didn’t feel like students were getting all the help they needed and we felt like in order for them to succeed,” assistant principal Emily Hoehn said. 

Den Time is a one hour break in the middle of the day; it is a chance for students to unwind. Students have the freedom to make their own choices. Students are also supposed to be on the first floor during Den Time, according to the powerpoint provided by Hoehn and used in initial teacher training for the process.

“During Den time students can unwind and meet with teachers and  attend clubs,” according to the powerpoint.

Pack Time is an 86 minute block that will be held every Thursday. It is designed to support learning and ensure academic equity. Students can receive academic  intervention, make up tests, quizzes or other assignments and receive extra help according to the powerpoint provided by Hoehn.

“Students are not allowed to leave their classroom. They can only go leave if requested by a teacher on the Pack tracking sheet,” according to the powerpoint provided by Hoehn.

One of the goals for using Pack Time and Den Time for sophomore Mya Christian is better grades on tests, because she will have more time to study.

“Use your time more wisely your going to have more time to work with teachers and get the help that you need and so there’s no more excuse for failing a class or anything like that you have everything right at your fingertips,” Hoehn said.