Culinary Class

Aiden Bruer, Reporter & Editor

The culinary room got an update last year, with renovations to the room itself, the kitchen and an outdoor grilling space.

Culinary classes include Culinary I, II and III. Culinary I  is structured as an opportunity for students with little or no prior food preparation experience, but with an interest in foods, to learn about culinary skills and careers in the hospitality and food service industry according to ProStart food industries.

“My favorite part about culinary class so far is learning how to cook different types of food,” freshman Jeffrey Godard said. 

Culinary II expands on Culinary I but starts the ProStart program. ProStart is a career and technical education program used in the food service industry and the classroom to teach high school students culinary skills and restaurant management principles. 

“I knew how to cook a little before I joined, but there was a lot I didn’t know about that I’m learning now,” freshman Ryan Bakota said. 

Culinary III dives deeper into the ProStart program and focuses on cooking. Students spend a lot of time on baking, as well as studying the history of cooking and the culture behind the foods. 

“Food is always around us. It’s in our family, it’s where we go to hang out with friends, it brings us closer together. Food is part of everyday life and part of everything. It’s also in our books and history; food is the basis of life,”  FACS teacher Cherie Boren said.