Pack Time

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

This year, academic intervention is being  replaced by Pack Time, an 86 minute block class held every Thursday. 

Pack Time was designed to help students academically, so they can stay on top of school and will not  have to stay after school according to assistant principal  Liz Reckker. 

“The first 20 minutes of pack time is the old school homeroom, and it will consist of announcements and videos. The other 60 minutes of Pack time is split into two 30 minute blocks which is for students to get help from teachers to do homework assignments and make up tests,” Reckker said.

Pack time works because it protects the regular classroom time so If we need to pull kids out or have big assemblies like senior assemblies or something that’s already built in time then we don’t have to pull people out of class according to Reckker. 

In addition to academics, class meetings and assemblies will be held during Pack time so students do not miss classes.

Pack time is student success time, but is not a student-driven time, according to Reckker.  Teachers can request students to make up tests, quizzes or get help.