New Theater Teacher

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

This year there is a new theater teacher. She is a THS alumna who  is giving back by teaching what she loves.

Theater teacher Cori Maze said she wanted to become a theater teacher, “because she has loved kids since her mom had a babysitting company when she was little and she knew she wanted to work with kids in some capacity and It dawned on her one day in highschool that I could teach theater.”

The New theater teacher has new ideas she’s excited to do the stuff more she has fresher ideas and stuff just different styles in change according to Senior Brayden Thomas.

“Our other one really focused on acting and musical dancing. She’s really obsessed with the technical side of things,” according to Thomas.

For any questions about joining theater or taking any theater classes, contact Maze through the school email system..

“I started performing when I was 9, and I’ve just loved it ever since the day I started… It’s just something that I can be super creative with as a performer,”  Maze said.