Right Time to Apply for College?

Nathan Lerner, Reporter, Anchor

Many college application due dates are right around the corner. Some college application deadlines started as early as November 1. 

While some colleges have early deadlines, November 1 was a big date.  The next big due date, this one for many scholarship deadlines, is December 1 according to college and career counselor Stacey Nielsen. That being said, it is important to verify the individual due dates for the institutions one may be applying for. In addition, Nielsen said students should start visiting schools to begin to make attendance decisions. 

“Seniors should be looking at colleges. If they haven’t yet, I would plan on some visits… I would [also suggest they] get on Scoir and do some research on different colleges and make an appointment with me,” Nielsen said. 

On Scoir, students  can search for information on colleges as well as apply to some schools. Students who need to send their transcripts can get the transcript sent to the colleges they applied to by visiting the registrar’s office online.

Nielsen also said it is never too early to start looking into the college admissions process. 

“Now is a good time for juniors looking at colleges by doing some research on Scoir and looking at what colleges might be a good fit for them. Now is a great time for juniors to start planning some visits to college campuses… because the application period for juniors will open up mostly on August 1st,” Nielsen said.

According to Nielsen, the most important thing to look for is fit. When deciding on the school that is best for them, she suggests students ask themselves: 

  •  Is the college a good fit?
  •  Do they have the major I want? 
  • Do they have extra activities outside the classroom that I am interested in getting involved in?
  • Does the college campus feel like the place where I want to spend the next four years of my life?