Apple Strikes Again

Hermara Mosley, Reporter

Nine years ago, Apple released their first iPhone. Now, fast forward into 2017; they are now releasing one of the top rated smartphones. With cutting edge features, and a powerful interior design, many believe Apple has really stepped it up this year.

 Apple has introduced the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and soon the most advanced phone so far, the iPhone X. Apple has announced that the 8 will have faster battery charging than the IPhone 7, and includes wireless charging, wired charging is still available. The headphone jack has not made a return, leaving the Iphone 6 the last phone by Apple with the headphone jack still accessible.

According to Troy Thompson from Idrop News the iPhone X is considered the most high-end phone Apple has released in the past 10 years. The display for this phone is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7,  with an OLED edge to edge screen, which will provide a brighter viewing and longer battery life. The glass is advertised to be water and dust resistant. Not only is the screen made with glass, so is the back of the phone giving it a sleek, shiny design.

“I think it’s cool that they now include face scanning,” sophomore Ashlyn Moon said.

The X will include new facial ID allowing customers to unlock and pay with a quick scan of their face with their new facial recognition system.

“The quality of the camera is insanely beautiful,” sophomore Makyra Winkfield said.

The new and improved camera quality with 12 megapixels, being able to shoot videos with 1080p quality at 240 frames per second. Apple will also introduce their portrait mode, this time in selfie mode, being able to take higher-quality photos. Last, but certainly not least, Apple has gone beyond standards using the bionic A11 chip in their phones. The A11 is something very powerful and one of the smartest chips ever to be put into a phone, being able to complete 600 billion different functions according to CNBC News.

The iPhone 8 was released September 23r, and the iPhone X is scheduled for release November 3.