Favorite Holiday Movies

Aiden Bruer, Reporter

For many, holiday movies play a big role in getting in the holiday spirit. 

Seventy five percent of Americans say they enjoy watching Christmas movies the most during the holidays, according to YouGov Omnibus. 

“My favorite Christmas movie is definitely ‘Home Alone,’ because it’s an all time classic. How can you not like it? It’s a couple of dudes getting beat up by a kid,” senior Steven Bragga said. 

 The “Home Alone” script was written in just a week,  and has been crowned the number one most popular Christmas movie of all time, according to the Irish Post. The movie grossed $476.7 million  in the box office.

“My favorite Christmas movie is ‘The Polar Express,’  because it’s nostalgic,” junior Talan Giesler said. 

The reason many people love Christmas movies so much is because they make people  happy and give the brain pleasure, according to Psychology Today. 

“My favorite Christmas movie is the grinch, just because I relate to him the most,” senior Elijah Price said.

While Home Alone is the most popular, does popular always mean it made the most money? Nope! ”The Grinch is the highest grossing holiday film according to IMDB.