Den Time Update

Nathan Lerner, Reporter & Anchor

At the end of October, Den Time was taken away for a couple of days, because of trash in the trash everywhere and behavioral issues as well. Now Den  Time is back.

“We want to ensure that clean environment in our school so the consequence will be to be taken away again and obviously we don’t want to get to that point but we are willing to shut down trashy areas than others but we need to do our part and do the right thing,” according to Assistant Principal Emily Hoehn.

Ms.Hoehn would like to see people doing the right things and making sure if they see trash they’re picking it up and she also wants to see some leaders developed in our school at this point,Hoehn just also wants to see kids doing what they want to do in a safe manner.

“A couple of things we’ve seen improve is one we’ve seen some overall leadership of Den Time students are starting to feel like hey this is my time I don’t want it get it taken away we’ve seen trash improve,we’ve seen the behavioral overall improve we’ve seen students talk to each other and say hey knock it off we want to see this get better,” said Hoehn.

The impact of Den Time has been very positive because students have got some free time, they’ve got some downtime and they are able to take a breath in the middle of the day, which is extremely helpful for them to be engaged after lunch and continue to be involved according to Hoehn.