Digital Media Making Videos

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Digital Media Design class is a practical art class taught by business teacher Kellie Trussell that focuses on making different types of videos using professional equipment and programs. 

In digital media design, students make feature stories, competitive pieces for the WSD film festival, short films, animations, promotional videos, PSAs and community spotlights, while learning about animation, sound, audio editing, motion graphics and Adobe Creative Cloud sweep. All of these add to the main focus: to make videos.

“I always liked digital stuff [and]  editing, pictures or photographing so this class was perfect,” sophomore Jolie Genandt said. 

Sophomore Madeleine Kimball took digital media design class first semester. She said she likes being creative, and she did not  know a lot about computers or anything tech related, and wanted to be able to explore it as a medium and thought it would be useful in a world run by technology.

“Digital media design class is relevant to the real world, because all around us businesses are creating content. Content is everywhere, whether in websites, social media, or whether it’s at your job or doing training,” Trussell said.

Senior Elijah Wolf said he took digital media, because he was really interested in video production and producing digital media. Hee also loves the ability to use his creativity to develop something interesting.

“Digital media design helps students be creators. You don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to have any experience really but anyone can be a creator and that’s something that I want my students to learn from taking the class that you can be a creator,” Trussell said. 

Students also work toward attaining their Adobe Premier certification, a challenging goal according to Trussell.