Weight Training

Aiden Bruer, Reporter

There are currently seven sections of weight training. The classes are separated into boys classes, girls classes and co-ed classes.

“When I had the opportunity to take over these classes, I immediately took it,” PE and health teacher Collin Hanna said.

Students in the classes weight lift three to four times a week for about forty minutes each session. The other two days they do assignments or go to the large gym for an activity. Workouts include compound movements such as bench, squat, and deadlift as well as plyometrics and agility-based exercises. The goal of the class is to teach healthy habits and help progress people in their workout journey. It also teaches students proper form for weight lifting and techniques according to Hanna.

“It helps you progress in weight lifting and teaches you healthy habits; it got me stronger for the football season,” senior Dravin Goodman said.

There is an hour to lift open to any student daily during den time, as well as some open weight room time to lift after school.
Students interested in taking weightlifting as a class should sign up during course registration later this month. Or, for more information on open-weight room times, Hanna can be contacted.