How To Stay Motivated During Second Semester

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Three and a half weeks into the second semester, and many students already feel less motivated. These are tips for how students to stay motivated through second semester.    

“You have to have little goals for each day and even each hour or class… and if you try to get those little goals that’s going to lead to bigger and better things for you,” science teacher Andy Zerr said.

To help stay on track during the second semester, do not get behind on school work, especially at the beginning of the semester, because it is much harder to keep up later on. Also, ensuring one has a high grade to start the semester can help one maintain a good grade, according to 

“Be proactive. Before it is too late, ask for help. Set up time management strategies and take care of health and wellness needs,” counselor Tammy Braun recommends.

Students do not have to be stressed out during the second semester. They can make time for things like sports or hanging out with friends to occasionally get their minds off of school, according to Teachers can also help the de-stressing process. 

“Teachers and counselors can take time and talk to students about something other than school all the time, because it can be such a grind. We have to make sure the students’ needs are being met to make sure the students know that we’re there for them,” Zerr said.