Substitute Shortage

Aiden Bruer, Reporter and Editor

There is a sub shortage here at Timberland and in the district.

At Timberland, assistant principal Dr. Keith Sanders oversees subs. This involves coordination of substitute duties, with the help of administrative assistant Leslie Wagner, and addressing when there are problems with individual subs, such as bad behavior or bad reviews.

The shortage is due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected many different industries, including the teaching profession according to Sanders.

“It makes it difficult, finding subs, because if there’s not a sub and I want [to take the day off and they’re not available,] in some situations, I can’t take off that day,” science teacher Theresa Cordonier said.

Teachers will often cover other classrooms during their plan hour, as will administrators, counselors and instructional assistants when needed. If teachers or counselors or administrators are having to cover classrooms due to not having a regular sub, they are giving up time that could be spent doing something else that could positively impact students. This affects learning in classrooms when some, especially when no subs can be found, have to go down to the cafeteria to be monitored, according to Sanders.

“I think that they could pay the subs more, that might fix part of the problem,” Cordonier said.
According to Sanders, they plan on giving incentives to teachers to come to work.