Prom, a Night to Remember

Aiden Bruer

Under the twinkling lights, students will dance the night away at the annual prom. 

The 2023 Timberland prom will be on April 22 from 7 to 10  p.m. 

“The students voted and chose tangled as their prom theme,” communication arts teacher Kevin Porter said. 

There will be a dress code for the dance. 

“Now’s the time to start reserving your tuxedos and dresses, because it is a formal event,” Porter said. 

Once you exit the building you can’t return, if you plan on staying, stay inside. 

“Students have to dance appropriately and respect others,” Porter said.

Tickets will go on sale two weeks before prom during Den Time. Seniors get to buy their tickets first, and there will only be a set number of tickets available. Tickets will cost $50.

“The ticket prices we have not raised in eight to nine years. We try to keep the prices lower than the schools around us to make it affordable,” Porter said. 

Before you purchase your ticket, students can’t have any fines or money owed to the school to buy a ticket, all fines must be paid off before purchasing. 

Four hundred to 700 students are expected to attend.  For more information, follow  @2024class.officers on Twitter.