Timberland Student’s Favorite High School Sport To Attend

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

There are about 20 varsity high school sports at Timberland,  each with a  coach and, for many, multiple assistant coaches. There are also many JV and C teams.

Assistant principal Dr. Jason Theodorakos said his favorite sporting events to attend are Pink Night basketball games, GAC swimming events, Friday Night Lights, Timberland-Holt duel wrestling matches and the Wolfpack track event.

“I like watching football, because it was the first high school sport I went to. I think it’s really fun when all my friends get together,” freshman Amanda Chrissos said.

A few people interviewed said they liked the pink night basketball game was the best sporting event to attend at Timberland. 

“The Pink Night basketball game [was my favorite], because the personal meaning to the girls basketball team is just super special,” junior Mya Christian said. 

For more information about when spring sports are,  check out the activities website to see when games are and where they’ll be held.