How To Stay Less Stressed During Tests

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

For many students, tests cause stress. Teachers and administrators said there are many ways to combat this stress.

According to standardized tests are still a mainstay of Us education.

“You have to have a good breakfast or lunch depending on when your test is. Be prepared, have a pencil or pen, have your notes and just the knowledge,” social studies teacher Brad Schellert said.

What Schellert said he has seen with students being stressed when taking tests is that they’re not prepared.

“I think it’s just preparation. Usually, if you’re not prepared for anything you’re going to be stressed. So, I think being prepared for anything is key,” Schellert said. 

Head principal Kyle Lindquist said that, rather than coasting to the finish line, it’s time to buckle down for that big final push.

“It is a great time to remind parents and students the importance of a strong finish to the school year. Whether it be EOC testing, AP tests, The ACT or class papers and projects,” Lindquist said.