What To Know About Summer School

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Summer school will be held at North Point this year June 5 through  June 29 with classes starting at 7:15 a.m. and ending at 3:15 p.m.

The credit recovery portion of summer school is designed to help students who did not pass their class during the school year and get the credits they need to graduate, according to assistant principal Jason Theodorakos. Summer school also offers credit advancement at the high school level – for students to earn credits and free up their schedules during the traditional school year – and enrichment programs at the elementary level. 

“Enrichment is where students try to gain additional skills for a certain area,” Theodorakos said.

Summer school runs four days a week, Monday through Thursday with summer school off Friday according to Theodorakos.

“Summer school is in person, but there are some options with virtual school for advancement courses like Personal Finance,” Theodorakos said.

To sign up for summer school, interested students need to enroll online. The direct link can be found on the counseling website.

“[Students at summer school]  need to come in every day and hustle from day one, because as soon as they finish their summer school credits, they are done with summer school. So, be there and be consistent; show up and work hard,” Theodorakos said.