Favorite Summer Activities

Nathan Lerner, Reporter

Summer is right around the corner, with only 45 days left for underclassmen and 42 days lefts for seniors.

THS students and staff have a variety of activities planned for their summer breaks. 

“Going fishing, because I like spending time with my dad and my little brother,” freshman Jacob Kastener said.

According to nrpa.org, 49 percent overall indicated that going for a walk or hike was a favorite. 

“[The] summer activity I’m looking forward to is tubing on the lake, because it’s really fun and you get knocked off and you get to be outside in the water,” junior Anna White said. 

Two out of the fourteen people interviewed said they were looking forward to going swimming this summer.

According to bucketlistjourney.net, a common summer break activity is to go to a beach. According to nrpa.org, Americans’ favorite summer activity to do outdoors is having a picnic or barbecue.