Malls and Millennials

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Through the centuries, the digitalized age has become more advanced and popular and has taken over many aspects of life. Online shopping has gained its reign and more justified glory. It has become a preferred method of spending money in a modernized and convenient way rather than taking the time to go to a traditional shopping mall.

“Usually I shop online, I know that when a famous artist releases something for a debut project, I usually go online and shop for that. Sometimes I shop online to see if there’s more of a variety then the stores we have here,” senior Jarius Cook said.

Most still prefer the authenticity of traditionally browsing through a shopping mall.

“If I am with a group of friends I want to go to a mall but if i’m bored by myself at home i’ll just go online and search the internet…  on the other hand though at a mall you can try it on and you have the option to see how it looks on you and if you truly do wanna buy it,” Cook said.

Electronic spending can be positive and money saving.

“Online stores have such great return policies and you can just buy anything with convenience and free shipping and it can be cheaper, you can find a lot better deals,” sophomore Olivia Riek said.

Online shopping has its downsides, as it gets rid of the human factor and enjoyability of taking a trip to buy something new.

“I usually like to go to the mall because I like the social aspect of it, it’s more fun,” senior Drew Church said.

Shopping online is not always the most reliable choice either.

“Online shopping is a great option for when you just see something online and it looks great but I know there’s a downside from it because you really don’t know how that product may look when you first see it in person,” Cook said.

Although there is a lot of back and forth between the two shopping options, electronically opens more doors and a more wide range variety option of what to purchase.

“[I like to buy] things that I can’t always buy in stores, for example I got my homecoming dress online, and stuff from stores that are not close by,” Riek said.

In this day in age, digital spending has not fully surpassed the usual department stores and shopping plazas, but in the future, numbers may change.