Candy and Pumpkins and Ghosts… Oh my.

How Timberland students celebrate Halloween

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

With the spooky season of pumpkin flavored everything, scary movie marathons and fiery colored leaves, students are gearing up for the month of October and the festivities that come along with it.

Many students at Timberland partake in the holiday of Halloween, whether it be dressing up, going trick or treating, or hitting a party with friends and almost every student has a ritual for the night.

“My rituals are getting all the bros together, traveling the neighborhood and dressing up in nice costumes, I like to dress up my dog too,” senior Cullen Barr said.

Halloween is celebrated differently by many. Most have other events going on before the big holiday.

“On Halloween weekend, I have my state cheer competition but hopefully I will be home early to be able to go to a party,” senior Brittany Boehm said.

Some students already have a set idea on their Halloween costumes and how to execute them.

“This year I am planning on dressing up as Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights and then finding a party to go to. I’m going to wear a jacket and a trucker hat,” sophomore Taylor Morrow said.

Others, not so sure on what to dress up as this year, and are taking the month to plan.

“I’m not entirely sure what I want to be this year; I’m still thinking,” Boehm said.

Couple costumes are a big topic this year for Halloween.

“This year, I plan to be a cowboy. I’m gonna partner up with my female apprentice and have her be a cowgirl,” Barr said.

No matter what the agenda is for Halloween this year, some safety tips to keep in mind are always be careful driving or walking during the night, double check candy and always have fun.