Is The Nightmare Before Christmas really a Nightmare?

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

The cult classic Tim Burton film A Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite movie of many during the month of October. But is this movie considered to be a Halloween or Christmas cult favorite flick? Both aspects of the holiday are featured in the film, but students have differing opinions on what holiday really sticks out in the film.

“It gets me in the Halloween spirit; it’s a classic, every year when it turns October, I get excited to watch it,” senior Kylie Morrow said.

The film features Jack Skellington, the main character, and his town full of people. They celebrate Halloween religiously but Jack finds himself in an alternate universe where the season is Christmas, a holiday he has never witnessed before.

“ It’s a great movie, it’s a childhood classic and it’s pretty spoopy,” senior Bryan Belanger said.

Many argue over the fact if the film is considered to be more in the nature of Halloween or Christmas.

“It’s more about Halloween, because not all Halloween films have to be based on Halloween day itself. It happens before Christmas but that doesn’t label it a Christmas movie,” senior Grace Rhymes said.

Some genuinely think the film can fluctuate to be appropriate through both seasons.

“It could be considered both because there are aspects from Halloween and Christmas festivities,” Belanger said.

Most still argue that the sole purpose of the film is to be spooky, so it fits the Halloween category slightly more.

“It’s more of a Halloween movie because of the opening credits of the song ‘This is Halloween’. It’s called the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’, so it’s obviously geared more towards Halloween because Halloween is before Christmas,” Morrow said.