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Why Late Starts are Good: An Op/Ed

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

February 18, 2020

Late starts are great for  teachers, and especially students. Late starts allow students to either sleep or have extra time to do homework in the morning, they also make the school day go by faster.  Sleeping in on late starts allows students t...

First Female MLB Coach

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

February 18, 2020

Alyssa Nakken, a former softball star at Sacramento State, will join the San Francisco Giants coaching staff as the first female full-time assistant in Major League Baseball history. Giants manager Gabe Kapler, who was hired in...

Coronavirus Update

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

February 15, 2020

There are 65 new coronavirus cases aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has been under quarantine since last week, Japan's health ministry announced Monday. With the latest cases, a total of 135 people from the ship hav...

Battlehawks Begin Season With Win

Hayden See, Reporter

February 11, 2020

Ta’amu throws for 209 yards, rushes for 77 yards as the Battlehawks begin their inaugural season with a victory. Pierson-El was the leading receiver, tallying four receptions and racking up 64 total yards -- headlined by...

Snow Days

Kya Gooch, Reporter

February 8, 2020

Handling severe weather is tough for any school district. This school year, schools across St. Charles County have been trying to make the right decisions to ensure the safety of students and staff due to the winter  weather the...

The Iowa Caucus is Irrelevant

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

February 5, 2020

The Iowa caucuses have long held an important role in the selection of the democratic nominee for president. Despite the state only having 41 delegates, its caucuses are seen as benchmarks of the support a candidate has going i...

Dress Code vs. Discrimination: Texas Teen Told to Cut Off Dreadlocks

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

February 4, 2020

In late January, a Texas teenager named DeAndre Hopkins was told he had to cut off his dreadlocks in order to participate in  his high school graduation. “I would be very upset. They should be able to have the hair the way...

Senate Finishes Hearing Arguments from Managers and Attorneys in Impeachment Trial

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

January 31, 2020

The Senate has heard the arguments of the nine house impeachment managers and the president’s defence team in president Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Senators are now asking questions of the two parties amidst a loomin...

What you should know about the Coronavirus

Kya Gooch, Reporter

January 31, 2020

A coronavirus is defined as “any group of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and animals,” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. This virus was first found on December 12, 2019 in Wuhan, China, a cit...

Coronavirus Virus Update: 4,400 cases, 106 dead

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

January 28, 2020

To date, the coronavirus has killed at least 106 people, with the number of diagnosed cases reaching 4,400 worldwide Five U.S. cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, with the most recent in Arizona's Maricopa County, acc...

New Year’s Resolutions- why bother?

Kayla Davito, Reporter

January 24, 2020

According to an article by The New York Post, the ‘New Year, New Me’ motto that many have begun the year with has already started to decrease. The promises to become healthier or to start exercising more are almost always...

Google’s ‘Airdrop’ Alternative

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

January 24, 2020

Airdrop is a feature on Apple products that allows users to send images, video, text, links and more to another user without having any of their contact info as long as both users airdrop if turned on and they are within bluetoot...

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