First Female MLB Coach

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Alyssa Nakken, a former softball star at Sacramento State, will join the San Francisco Giants coaching staff as the first female full-time assistant in Major League Baseball history.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler, who was hired in November, added Nakken and Mark Hallberg to his staff in January. Kapler said they will help build a winning culture in the clubhouse, according to an article from CNN.

“It’s really important that she is the first female coach, because it opens the door for more women to join the predominantly male occupied sports scene,” senior Robby Manor said. 

Nakken, a former three-time all-conference first baseman for Sacramento State, joined the team as an intern in their baseball operations department in 2014 and was most recently in charge of overseeing the organization’s health and wellness initiatives, according to the article. 

“It is cool to see more diversity in sports, because it has always been seen as a straight male thing to enjoy, but it shows that many people from all over the world can enjoy sports,” senior Tori Bunner

Kapler said Nakken will travel full time with the team, will be in uniform before games and will throw batting practice and hit fungoes. The NBA has several female assistant coaches. The NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, playing in this Sunday’s NFC championship game, have Katie Sowers as an offensive assistant, according to an article from ESPN. 

“Breaking down barriers is always a good thing. Having more women in the sports scene is a big step for more diversity. It is a good thing,” junior Seth Chaplin said. 

Nakken’s jersey number is 92 and she will be in the dugout during every game.