Eternal Atake Release

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

After four years of fan anticipation, battles with record labels, songs being leaked and claims of being “done with music” Philadelphia rapper Symere Woods known as Lil Uzi Vert has released his second studio album titled Eternal Atake.

“Personally I like the album, after waiting so long I’m glad it was as good as I wanted,” junior Joey Townsend said. 

At 10 a.m. on March 6, the album dropped unexpectedly, with Lil Uzi vert stating that a deluxe version of the album would release with two confirmed songs “Jellybean (Kobe)” which features American rapper Chief Keef and “Myron”, two tracks that have been previously previewed by Lil Uzi Vert on social media.

“If someone doesnt like it now they will when the deluxe version drops with all the leaked songs on it,” senior Blake Lyerla said. 

Since emerging in the rap scene Lil Uzi Vert has been a compelling artist being his genre is mainly “emo-rap.” He began releasing Mixtapes in 2014 that showed he was never afraid to share his dark emotions, also proving so with his tatoo sleeve and songs such as “The Way Life Goes.” 

Eternal Atake is stated by Uzi to have three of his different personalities singing his songs. Songs one through six are Baby Pluto, songs seven to 12 are Renji and songs 13 to 18 are Uzi. Uzi also added short audio clips at the end of a few songs on the album that tell a story of Uzi getting abducted by aliens. 

“My favorite part of the album was when “P2” had the lyrics come in and it was a continuation of “XO Tour Llif3,” freshman Carter Klaesner said. 

Eternal Atake has its share of mass-appeal songs carried by their melodies rather than banging beats. “I’m Sorry,” in which he makes nice with everyone he’s ever confused or been mean to, is a festival sing-along waiting to happen. “You Better Move,” the beat is built around a sample from the video game Space Cadet Pinball. “I live my life like a cartoon,” Uzi stated he has no intention of playing by the rules. 

“’Venetia’ is my favorite song on the album,” Townsend said. 

Eternal Atake is on course to be Uzi’s second No.1 album of the Billboard 200 according to Billboard.