Birds of Prey Review

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

The movie “Birds of Prey” seemed appealing even with a lack of knowledge of DC Comic.

There are a few gruesome scenes, such as dogs eating human limbs and face slicing. Aside from this, the rating holds true to its original PG-13 depiction.

The Actors
Of course, one cannot have a movie about Harley Quinn without Margot Robbie. Since her first appearance as Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” in 2016, I had refused to see any other actress play the role. Her effortless New York accent is spot on, and her laughter hints at a mix of normalcy and mental freedom.

The Plot
After being violently broken up by the joker, we find Quinn struggling to find her individual identity. The story is then wrapped around a pick-pocket foster child who takes her freedom too hard, taking a diamond that Quinn promised to obtain for the Black Mask, in exchange for her life. From then on, Quinn’s life was on the line along with her integrity.
The Writing

Now, this is the area where the movie falls through slightly. It took to the end of the movie that Quinn finally found her independence and stood against the Black Mask, Ewan McGregor, who states that she “needed” him. Throughout the movie, Black Mask repeated that she was, and always will be, just a sidekick and that she will never amount to anything on her own. This upset a large audience because it conveyed the misogynistic views that women have been battling against for years.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable when put aside the undertones.