Black Student Union

Jazmyn HIll, Reporter

In January of 2020, sophomore Raqui Blanton started the Black Student Union.

“I decided to create this club, because I feel it is important for black students to be able to come together and talk about their experiences with a group of their peers,” sophomore Raqui Blanton said. “Also, I think it is important for other students who are not black to be able to communicate [and understand] our points of view despite being a different race.”

Blanton said her motive for organizing the Black Student Union, was to bring Timberland students together and lessen the divide between students of different ethnicities.

“I am afraid that many students will misinterpret our message and what the BSU stands for. I really hope that no one feels offended or threatened by our club and students are excited to join,” Blanton said.

Blanton said she feared that students would perceive the group as a racially selective association, rather than a community of diverse individuals celebrating a common culture. However, her fears were alieved when members started to join.

“I was excited because my friend started it. I thought it was interested because I haven’t thought of any clubs like this,” sophomore Brooke Benne said. “So far I like the community that has been built.”

Benne was one of the first to join, along with Shelbi Blanton, Kamden Hill, Olivia Riek, Triana Banks, and Morgan Albano. The group meets on every three weeks on a Thursday in Mr. Honore’s room to discuss current topics

For more information, contact Blanton at raquib[email protected] or Mr. Warren Honore at [email protected].