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Stranger Things, Season 2

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Stranger Things, Season 2

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

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On October 27, “Stranger Things,” season 2 was released. This came with much anticipation since, when the first season ended, viewers were unsure if the show would return.

“It seemed like the show ended, and opening the “upside down” again would just seem repetitive,” junior Maddy Beckman said.

The “upside down” is the alternate universe where “strange” things come out of. The plot of the show revolves around  young characters who have to unite together and convince the adults to help them fight the evil coming out of the universe.

“I love how the characters mesh together, and that they are nerds so they have bigger issues than trying to find an outfit. They have to go through bullying and being made fun of for being themselves,” freshman Kaitlyn Gray said.

Season 2 is again about fighting evil that comes out of the “upside down,” but this time the evil seems to be worse than before. Season 2 also brings out the individuality of the characters, even those who were not prominently featured in Season 1.

“I enjoyed this season more, due to the fact I get to know Will and I did not get to see him in the first season,” sophomore Shannon Byer said.

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Stranger Things, Season 2