Banned Books in Schools

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Frequently, discussions are heard about books being banned from schools, for a variety of reasons, including language and content. 

“Many [books] are starting to be banned, because they use bad language which although it may have been okay to say back then, it’s not okay to say now,” sophomore Taylor Morrow said.

A list of more and more books that have been religious taught in schools for many years are now being banned for being labeled as violent, racist, or against religious beliefs, according to

“I think its stupid that some books are banned. They are good for our education and are important to learn,” junior Kobe Knisley said.

Some books that are even taught at Timberland are banned in select schools around the U.S like, The Great Gatsby, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and How to Kill a Mockingbird. These books are banned for their racist remarks and references to sex, according to

“I really liked reading the Great Gatsby last year, its one of my favorite movies too. I don’t see the problem with it and why it should be banned,” senior Riley Kowal said.

Some ultimatum for schools is the power to censor the books, not ban them altogether. Giving the power of students to still learn the material, but not having it be offensive to anyone, according to