California School Shooting

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

November 14 a gunman killed four people in Rancho Tehama, California.

When the unidentified gunman tried to enter an elementary school, he was unsuccessful after firing gunshot wounds at the school’s walls and windows, according to

“I hate hearing about this stuff everyday; it’s always the same thing everyday, and it’s so sad. This is what our world has come to,” junior Anjali Biss said.

The gunman went around the Northern California community earlier in the day and went on a random rampage, shooting at civilians and pedestrians in their cars or on the street. He claimed the lives of four victims, before making his way to the elementary school, according to

“This guy should be treated like a terrorist, because that’s what this was,” senior Jarius Cook said.

The gunman veered his way to Rancho Tehama Elementary school and tried to enter the building. The school’s staff was warned of this gunman in the area before hand and were able to lock the doors and secure the building and students. No one in the school was harmed, according to

“It’s just scary, because this sort of thing could even happen at our school. We never think it would, but it could,” Biss said.

Luckily, the gunman was chased down by a police officer and was shot and executed.

“People need to stop looking over people like this so easily; shootings are almost common now a days,” Cook said.