Ezekiel Elliott Suspended…For Real This Time

Blake Haffer, Reporter

When the Cowboys played the Eagles on November 19th and the Chargers on Thanksgiving, star running back Ezekiel Elliott was on the field in uniform.  The same thing will be true for the next four games which could prove to have a big impact on how Dallas fairs as they prepare to make a run for the playoffs according to a student here at Timberland.

“Elliott is definitely a huge part of the team’s offense and really there team in general.  They will most likely miss him, and his running ability, on the field,” sophomore Carter Fetterhoff said.

According to an article on sbnation.com, Elliott has now officially suspended for his domestic violence instance that his former girlfriend filed charges for back in July of 2016.  The running back was never officially charged with a crime but the NFL still investigated the situation as to be expected.  Through this investigation, the league came to the conclusion that Elliott was in fact violent toward the women who filed the charges on three separate occasions.  This then caused NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to issue him a six game suspension in August of 2017.  A suspension of six games is the baseline in the NFL for a first time offender.

“I think six games may be a little harsh for the punishment because of the lack of proof.  If he was never charged with a crime what evidence do they have,” Fetterhoff said.

Elliott did not however serve his suspension at the beginning of the season because issued an appeal to the NFL.  There were a total of three appeals issued to the league actually, all of which that were declined causing the suspension to be upheld.  He was able to be on the field for his team’s games through week nine because of all of the appeals.  Elliott’s six game suspension officially began on week ten.

He will serve his whole suspension and be eligible to return to the field on week sixteen to verse the Seahawks.