Reasons to Read

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Entertainment transports people to another world. Where people’s biggest fantasies can come true. They get people involved in the characters and make people connect to them.

Reading takes people out of the world, if for only a couple of hours. It makes the monotones of daily life worth it, just so people can get knee deep into people’s  favorite world. Humans need entertainment.

Humans need to escape, to find a world that they can get fully immersed in. To find another life that they can put themselves apart of. Entertainment is a form of escapism.

People can get obsessed with books because they fall in love with the characters or the world, or both. It makes people immersed in the world, shunning real life.

So next time you do not have anything else to do, maybe pick up some Homer or Tolkien. Reading is a tool that will keep someone immersed in a world, connected to the characters and story,  help them find their tastes in the world and transforms your view of our world.