Dress Code

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

The dress code is something that many people have strong opinions about. It is enforced by some teachers and ignored by some teachers.

Some enforcement make it seem like the males education is more important, than females.

The dress code is something that needs to be enforced more seriously. Some get dress coded while others get a free pass or simply looked over.

Men are never told that their outfit is “too distracting”, while females all over, not just at Timberland, are told all the time how they can not wear that outfit because some male student can not focus. It is not the female’s fault the boy is not passing his classes. Nobody can force a student to pass or pay attention.

Being dress coded has a different definition for girls, some girls could feel very confident in their outfit, but being told they can no longer wear hurts their self-esteem. Girls in society today are already told they have to look a certain way. When a teacher or a principal tells them that they have to “cover up” or change, it goes against everything society is telling a girl she needs to look “good”.  Finding clothes to fit the dress code in society is very hard. Most stores do not carry clothes that do not show a little skin.

The dress code is something that needs to be talked about with the young females, but not talked about like they are not important. We are important and have feelings. We can not be sexualized anymore.