NFL Week 13 Recap

Blake Haffer, reporter

With fifteen week thirteen games completed and one more to go, some students at Timberland think it was one of the more exciting and surprising weeks thus far.

Sophomore Noah Morris was very surprised at the outcome of one game in particular, the Sunday Night Football game between the Eagles and the Seahawks.

“The Eagles were 10-1 before this game and were playing very well so I was surprised that the Seahawks beat them with their injured defense,” Morris said.

The game ended with the score of Seattle 24 and Philadelphia 10.  This was just one of the interesting games of the week.  The game between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended in a 26-20 Packers win in overtime.  Packers quarterback Brett Hundley struggled throwing the ball, only throwing for 84 yards, no touchdowns and one interception.  The closest game as far as scores go was between the 49ers and the Chicago Bears.  The Bears had a five point lead going in to the second half which was lost when the 49ers kicked two field goals and shut out the Bears in the final two quarters.  The final score ended up being 15-14 San Francisco.

“It was cool to see the 49ers pick up their second win of the season because they finally played Jimmy Garoppolo and he got them a win,” sophomore Zane Keedle said.

The final game of the week will be played tonight, December 4th, and in it the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals are facing off.  With how close the games were so far this could be another great game.