Death Sentence

Audrey Whalen, Reporter


The death sentence is something many consider cruel punishment, while others think it is a necessary thing. This topic has been discussed in depth recently, both by governmental officials and individuals. 

The death sentence is legal in 32 states; 18 states, as well as D.C, have ruled it illegal.

Some may say that giving the convicts this punishment is good because they committed a crime and deserve the punishment. If the criminal murdered someone it may seem fair that they got the death sentence. But if they just committed a low level crime the death sentence should not be considered.

While some may say it is cost friendly, it is not. 

If the defense can prove one hundred percent guilt than the death sentence does not seem to be too bad. But if they can not prove that the person is one hundred percent guilty, then the defense could have just killed an innocent. How would the prosecutors know without a full confession and proof that the convict was there?

Just think about it, someone’s life is being taken. Do they really deserve it? Is it just?