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Instagram Famous Collage –

Bella Rainey, Reporte & Web Designer

The flux of internet fame has been on the uprise for quite some time. Whether it be promoting a brand in a swimsuit on Instagram, posting gaming videos on YouTube, or even a 7-second Vine that probably makes no sense, becoming internationally known online is not a far-fetched aspiration.


I think that if becoming [internet] famous is one of your dreams, then go for it! I would support is as long as social media does not control every aspect of your life,” senior Riley Kowal said.


Creating content varies depending on the platform of social media. Instagram content and YouTube content have completely different aspects, qualifications and standards. Being a creator on Youtube requires a lot more effort in terms of creativity and innovativeness, according to The Webtrovert.


I think that YouTube is more successful because that requires creativity, planning and work,” senior Chrissy Crowell said.

While digital creators are respected in their field, the new career path is not necessarily widely accepted among society. Many think that it is “lazy” to make a living off of social media, according to The Huffington Post.


“I think that social media is an excellent platform to make a tangible difference in the world, but if used solely for selfish purposes then the people who are becoming famous on social media are doing a public disservice,” Crowell said.


To make a living off of a platform like Instagram, people will pair up with brands to promote brand’s products. In return for the promotional opportunity, brands will send those people free products, money or even organize trips and vacations for them. Many struggle to accept this version of “influencers,” as it may seem that the person is doing minimal work for quite the reward, according to The Huffington Post.


“I would think that ‘influencer’ is a good name for social media stars. Since this media is a platform that millions of people use, it is easy to access other people’s content. This content could be influential in many different ways, in more light-hearted or deep-level aspects. I do not believe that people who are solely sponsored by brands are only advertising for money are not much of influencers at all,” Kowal said.


Within the last two years, bloggers and YouTubers have had great success salary speaking, according to PopSugar.com.


“I think it is a good way to make money but they should not make it their living,” senior Terra Parker said.


Overall, multimedia careers are on the rise. To find out more about social media careers, visit www.indeed.com.